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fast forward into the future...

Wow, its been over a year since I caught up with this journal and wow have things changed.
Where to start...I graduated in Jan of 2013 with a BA in Theology. I am now working on a counselling degree and an advanced diploma in naturopathy.

I am single but I have a close friend who could be a future partner, depending on circumstances in the future. I am not dating the slime bag I was when I last posted here.
Cat wise, we are now a family of 3. Paddie is now the eldest at 11. Immi and Jasper are now 8. Nibbles and Sockie passed away last year.

The thyroid was removed and its pretty much stable there. Otherwise, not much else to say, just rolling along.

Finally got back here!!!!

Things are going back into serious mode after 7 weeks of mid year uni break. The semester was successful and I'm winding up for my busiest semester yet, with three subjects. I comfortably passed both subjects last semester and i am eagerly counting down to graduation.

The inside cats are fine. My outside stray cat left us to pass away recently which was a serious downer but seeing there has been so many young toms recently moved in, maybe it was for the best. I tried to get him inside but his aggression was too much to handle and my two older girls don't need that.

Speaking of the girls, Nibbles and Paddie are now both 9 years old and getting grander each day.

*thinks*....life is so boring right now, that there isn't all that much to say.

I remain a dual trad heretic and I'm working on a number of projects right now.

I guess that is all i can right now...

later from boring land.

Gosh, so boring...

Have you ever been in a place in your life where things just are boring? Things here are sooo boring. This is week 14, final academic week of uni for this year. I just finished my pastoral care assignment on paper and will write it up on word after dinner. I have a Bible study to write for exegesis and the formal work is done. I then have my first "take home" exam for pastoral care, meaning that the unit co-ord didn't pull her thumb out fast enough to lodge the stuff with the exam office, so she has had to send the paper to us directly and that means we get to use all of our resources. The exegesis exam is formal and I have to travel to our new exam centre for that. Thankfully, something that has been making exams physically painful will not get in the way as it has been. I had a chat with the student uni rep for externals who told me to have a chat with the equity office, who after sending them some stuff from my doctor made me what is called an equity student. It seems that I've been entitled to this since back before the ankle and gyno stuff. So anyway it means that a certain mildly TMI problem [those of you on the other LJ know what I am talking about] won't get in the way.

Nibbles started to get very lumpy and the vet though she had cancer, well a bit of prayer and asking for help later the lumps are fast shrinking and she is looking better.

My mobile [cell] phone is back in for repairs for the 2nd time. Stupid Nokia!

Otherwise, each day is somewhat the same, get up, study, see to mum, read a bit and that's it.

I finally got back to this account. LOL.

Life...well it sure is interesting. Had quite a few mountains thrown in my path of late and not one is still standing. Its funny what the Netcherw are willing to do once one agrees with Them.
If anyone ever tells you I am obedient to Them....don't believe them. There has been fire works in shrine over the last few weeks but now it makes sense and I can get on with things.

So what has been happening....well uni is driving me nuts...as always. No surprises there :)

Priestess training has started and I'm loving it.

Temple research continues albeit at a slower pace than I'd like but uni and life all need to have their balance. A possible co-founder could be coming on board which is exciting but I am leaving that choice to the person in question and that person will get back to me when they want to. The Temple blog went live this morning and I'm starting to see a clear foundation for it.

My two youngest cats got the snip done a few weeks back and have called a cease fire, finally!

I'm returning to martial arts training. Book based until I can get a car and get to the local club but training is training. Knowing that it kicked 7kgs off me in 7 weeks by attending 1 class a week, 6 days a week may have a decent impact.

Otherwise life rolls on and gets more exciting. There is expectation and excitement in the air.

See ya later!

Reactivation of account.

This account is being reactivated. To the 40 people who are still here, if you do not wish to be part of my life, I would request that you kindly unfriend this account in the next 24 hours.

While it is not my main account and much of my life will remain on my main account, I am still AqheretBastMut and Mum wishes me to use this account more than I have been.

Let me though address an issue to make sure its as clear as possible.

I do not hate the House of Netjer nor its members. There are people I have my question marks about but I leave those to my Mother's capable hands, for Her to deal with as She sees fit.

I am able to fully support those of you who are happy and comfortable in HoN. I still care for many of you and I refuse to remain in the shadows. I don't need too, I've been on solid ground the entire time.

Why...you see, if my life was so far out of Ma'at, as its been suggested behind my back, I would not have the blessings I am currently enjoying. I've had my most successful semester ever. My IRL life is going very well and even things at home are going really well.

To para-phrase one of you...sorry but Karma hasn't bitten my butt and Ma'at has blessed me hugely. I'm watching everything I want come to pass and I want to share those blessings with others.

So this account is back, if you wish to stay, your welcome, if you go I hope you live a blessed life full of joy.

Regardless of anything thing else...Royal Cat Kid is back on this LJ.


Just a note that this LJ is not going to be updated any more. It will be deleted at a later date.

Those who wish to stay in my life please friend the following LJ-


My final word on things....

Hello Rev Tamara,

Having sort legal advice, I am instructed to withdraw the complaint, cut all contact with the House of Netjer and move forward in my life.

It is not due to lack of evidence but there are other factors that must be taken into account and having discussed them with a Queensland based clerical abuse advisory group {Project Esther} , I have been advised to take this course of action.

I wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,

PS- This email will be posted openly on my Live Journal for public reference.


Those of you who wish to remain friends are welcome too. I am cutting all contact with the church itself under the legal advice I have received.

I will not be speaking of this matter any further, to anyone.

Brisbane yesterday.

Was a total blast. I did some business and then went book shop crawling. I crawled through 4 bookshops all up and went to the two jigsaw shops as well and had fish and chips for lunch. I came from with 9 books, 2 jigsaws, sore feet and a tired but happy grin. That was a lovely day.
Well, this is it. Thirty minutes ago, I sent my resignation to Hemet, after speaking with her in an IM.

My conscience is perfectly clear about this being the correct response. And no it has absolutely nothing to do with what has been happening on the forums, it has to do with a private matter between myself and a member of the Priesthood, who's conduct over a decent amount of time has been questionable and has caused me a degree of discomfort and distress. A matter that Hemet is choosing to investigate, so she tells me after I cut and paste a small part of a conversation as an example.

To that person....yes, I reported you. I have all bar six IM conversations logged over the last almost 4 years. Hemet is accessing your logs. Even if you have changed them to suit yourself go for it. I know the truth, its in black and white on my hard drive, logged through AIM and on CD-RW. Ma'at will catch up with you and I take great comfort from that.

While I could post sections of conversation just to do a great deal of public damage, I'm not going to post publicly, I am though going to post a small part privately so others can see for their own eyes what you have been up too. I want you made fully accountable so you cannot do this in future.

My time in HoN is up. I have learnt a great deal and I hope that at least some of you stay around but I understand that some of you won't.


It got better....

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In October I gave tanesmuti a kidney (1000 points). Last Thursday I farted in an elevator (-6 points). Last Saturday I helped burned_rose see the light (8 points). In July I had a shoot-out with rival gang lords on the 5 near LA (-76 points). Last month I signed my organ donor card (28 points).

Overall, I've been nice (954 points). For Christmas I deserve an XBox 360!


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