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Gosh, so boring...

Have you ever been in a place in your life where things just are boring? Things here are sooo boring. This is week 14, final academic week of uni for this year. I just finished my pastoral care assignment on paper and will write it up on word after dinner. I have a Bible study to write for exegesis and the formal work is done. I then have my first "take home" exam for pastoral care, meaning that the unit co-ord didn't pull her thumb out fast enough to lodge the stuff with the exam office, so she has had to send the paper to us directly and that means we get to use all of our resources. The exegesis exam is formal and I have to travel to our new exam centre for that. Thankfully, something that has been making exams physically painful will not get in the way as it has been. I had a chat with the student uni rep for externals who told me to have a chat with the equity office, who after sending them some stuff from my doctor made me what is called an equity student. It seems that I've been entitled to this since back before the ankle and gyno stuff. So anyway it means that a certain mildly TMI problem [those of you on the other LJ know what I am talking about] won't get in the way.

Nibbles started to get very lumpy and the vet though she had cancer, well a bit of prayer and asking for help later the lumps are fast shrinking and she is looking better.

My mobile [cell] phone is back in for repairs for the 2nd time. Stupid Nokia!

Otherwise, each day is somewhat the same, get up, study, see to mum, read a bit and that's it.



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