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I finally got back to this account. LOL.

Life...well it sure is interesting. Had quite a few mountains thrown in my path of late and not one is still standing. Its funny what the Netcherw are willing to do once one agrees with Them.
If anyone ever tells you I am obedient to Them....don't believe them. There has been fire works in shrine over the last few weeks but now it makes sense and I can get on with things.

So what has been happening....well uni is driving me nuts...as always. No surprises there :)

Priestess training has started and I'm loving it.

Temple research continues albeit at a slower pace than I'd like but uni and life all need to have their balance. A possible co-founder could be coming on board which is exciting but I am leaving that choice to the person in question and that person will get back to me when they want to. The Temple blog went live this morning and I'm starting to see a clear foundation for it.

My two youngest cats got the snip done a few weeks back and have called a cease fire, finally!

I'm returning to martial arts training. Book based until I can get a car and get to the local club but training is training. Knowing that it kicked 7kgs off me in 7 weeks by attending 1 class a week, 6 days a week may have a decent impact.

Otherwise life rolls on and gets more exciting. There is expectation and excitement in the air.

See ya later!



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